Rupert on Rupert


Melbourne loves urban greenery almost as much as it loves renovated warehouses. Rupert on Rupert offers both.

You don’t stumble across Rupert on Rupert, and we’re guessing it doesn’t get foot traffic – meaning it’s success is because people seek it out and keep coming back.

We can see why. Sitting in a quiet back street between Hoddle and Wellington, the welcome is warm and the food first-rate. (And importantly for us, it’s accessible.)

Vanessa, who seats and serves us, is relaxed and friendly, like everyone here. Staff are confident about the food and the space, and share their knowledge without pretence. Manager Tyron flashes his perfect teeth as he greets visitors like old friends. He stops to check in on diners, talking wine and pouring wine.

Amid warm lighting, the low chatter of people enjoying themselves blends with the music. We’re seated in the main area near the bar, and there is another series of tables near the entrance.

The easiest way to the waiting area or function room is a hook-turn left from the main dining space towards the back. Through there you’ll find the palatial accessible toilet, too.

The share platter arrives full of colour and flavour. A tempura zucchini flower was added to our excellent plate of roast asparagus and pumpkin, olives, hummus, pickled and preserved vegetables, feta and charred sourdough. It was generously portioned and excellent. Some visitors travel for the wood-fired pizzas, made from dough cultured on the premises.

We didn’t spend time at the bar – although there was a growing ensemble of people there, no doubt appreciating the service and range.

Get to Rupert: you’ll be amused and accommodated by the staff, and impressed with the food. And the plant-life.

(Tyron, Vanessa & the girl with the red top)


Step-free / Accessible toilet (BC, GR

Good: Awesome open green space & the coolest accessible toilet we've seen
Not so: It’s a tough roll to Smith St – get a cab. Or a push.

February 2018


Rupert Street View.

Rupert’ function space


Tyron on the move.

Rupert’s Lane (You won’t have to roll through this).

Vintage Bike - Modern couch.

Rupert on Rupert
73 Rupert Street Collingwood Victoria Australia
(03) 9419 7702