About Freewheel Weekends

At its best, travel can open the mind, fill the heart & awaken the soul.

Part blog, part directory and part publishing experiment, Freewheel Weekends (FWW) is put together mainly by Ryan Smith. Ryan is an award-winning graphic designer based in Melbourne with a thirst for travel.

After travelling solo to New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Austin, San Fransisco and recently Scandinavia, he decided to collate and create travel notes about his home town, Melbourne.

FWW is not an A-Z guide but instead a curated collection of the best wheelchair experiences in the world’s most liveable city.  

The goal of FWW is to raise awareness, provide a service and inspire independent wheelchair travellers. We hope you enjoy it.

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–  THANKS  –

Thanks to B, Dr Dan, #husb, Amie, Mum, Colin, David, PT, & the DDA guys.
Special thanks all the strangers who’ve shot photos of me and didn’t run away with my phone – you’re an inspiration.


–  GEAR  –

All photos and videos are shot with a Lumix LX100 or an iPhone.
Chair – RGK Tiga FX with Spinergy Spox & Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres.