An open letter to wheelchair users

If you use a wheelchair, one thing you do benefits disability awareness more than anything else - Being seen.

You can write and petition and comment and post but being seen - in real life - is a more powerful tool. When you’re out – getting a haircut, at a cafe, at the cinema, in a park, anywhere – it’s a reminder to broader society. More than that, it shows that you, for the most part, share the same experiences as everyone else. Sipping a morning coffee over the paper, watching your football team struggle, feeling for the best avocado at the supermarket. These are all universal experiences.

You don’t need to skydive or play Murderball to let the world know you’re here. Being seen is enough.

It’s tempting to stay in - Netflix & Nespresso at home - and sometimes it makes sense. But if you want to do something positive for disability awareness, roll down the street first.